CATE Training Administration

Training is only complete with supervision. SkyTest® CATE™ bundles the entire adminstrative process in a web-based backend, our SkyTest® Classroom Solution. Simply login with your username and password to ...

  • create and manage student software licenses and accounts

  • create and schedule training or screening runs with groups of students

  • post announcements in your students` software

  • send and receive messages

  • track individual performance developments of your students

SkyTest® desktop and tablet products can simulate screening test runs with their Classroom mode. In this mode, students have to work on default tests at a stretch – just like in actual screening. All tests can be set up either with the easy, medium and difficult level specified by SkyTest® or with parameters adjusted by your own.

SkyTest® Classroom Solution backend provides comprehensive performance reports on for each student to highlight current strengths and weaknesses. This is a reliable source for further training advices and improve future performance development.