CASE™ Test Battery

Pilots improve by training. This is why we believe in cadet admission and pilot pre-hiring aptitude screenings beyond fail/pass approaches and developed SkyTest® CASE™.

SkyTest® CASE™ tests key pilot apitudes, benchmarks performances and provides the data you need to make your admission or recruitment decision in real time. All tests are lean, easy to understand and build a matrix to measure key airman aptitudes accurately:

  • Resilience
    • Stress
    • Monotony
  • Attention
  • Situational Awareness
    • Spatial Orientation
    • Information Perception and Processing
      • Visual Information
      • Aural Information
  • Psychomotor Capacity
  • Science
    • Maths
    • Physics
  • Psychological Questionnaire (optional)
  • Custom Extensions (optional)

To analyze this aptitude spectrum SkyTest® CASE™ includes the following tests:

  • Vigilance 1
  • Vigilance 2
  • Spatial Orientation 2D
  • Spatial Orientation 3D
  • Information Perception and Processing
  • Capacity
  • Flight Capacity
  • Maths
  • Physics / Technical Comprehension

SkyTest® CASE™ requires a Microsoft Windows™ environment and a live connection to the internet as applicant and test adminstration is entirely web-based.

The system will provide you a detailed report card for each test taker with benchmarked performance indicator. Instead of static fail/pass recommendations. SkyTest® CASE™ benchmarks and illustrates the test performance in a Green-Amber-Red-scheme (GAR). Green performances indicate high pilot potential, while mber performances indicate pilot talent that can be improved by training.

Detailed descriptions on our test methods and free trial access to SkyTest® CASE™ are available on request.