Cockpit Aptitude Training Environment

Pilot aptitudes determine career altitudes. Strengthen your flight school curriculum with SkyTest® CATE™, our dedicated aptitude training system for FTOs and their students.

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Cockpit Aptitude Screening Environment

Decision-making in airline hiring and FTO admission requires a resilient basis. Screen your applicants with SkyTest® CASE™ for top-tier performance grading beyond fail and pass.

Key Features

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Flight Capacity Test added to SkyTest® for UK Pilot Aptitude Screenings

Flight Capacity Test is a new prep module for stage 2 of British Airways pilot selection. It addresses various pilot aptitudes from information perception and processing to divided - visual and aural - attention, short term memory, multi-tasking and stress tolerance.

The task plots a flight deck situation with ATC instructions to apply and aircraft systems to handle, while remaining attentive to the live traffic environment around you.

SkyTest® for Air Traffic Controllers: Multi Control Test and other new modules

The supplemental program includes an additional training module, dubbed Multi Control Test (MCT), for FEAST Stage 2 preparation. MCT puts you in the role of an air traffic controller and in charge of a control sector. You navigate air traffic through a network of waypoints and resolve conflicts before they occur. A concurrent audio task claims aural attention.

Furthermore, this new add-on features extended training modules for Math, Physics and Technical Comprehension. (2015/12/21)

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